November 2020

Emily Perry
Jeff with Aim home inspections has inspected two houses for us, the first house had too many problems that Jeff found, and we did not feel comfortable buying the house. The second house, of course Jeff found some issues that needed addressed but the issues were manageable and we are going ahead and buying the second house. We are very grateful for the thorough inspections and it gave us peace of mind knowing we are making a right choice in home buying. We would recommend Jeff and Aim home inspections to anyone.

October 2020

Miles Stevens:
My job often moves me around the country and I have bought many homes; I must say that Jeff with Aim Home Inspections preformed the most detailed and thorough inspection I have ever had. The tools he deploys proved me assurance that he HVAC system is safe from carbon monoxide and gas leaks. By using thermal imaging camera, Jeff identified disconnected HVAC ducts in the attic, which was not providing heat or A/C to some upstairs rooms. The report is as detailed and explanatory as the inspection and I received the report within 24 hours of the inspection. I would recommend Aim Home Inspections to anyone.

August 2019

Ron & Amanda McDermot:
This is our first time buying a home and it is kinda scary. Walking through the inspection with Jeff took away most of the scare and unknown. While doing the inspection, Jeff explained things to us; why things are where they are like the water heater expansion tank, what type of filter to use for the furnace, and he even showed us how to caulk. He truly took a lot of the scare out of buying a home. We would recommend Jeff and AIM Home Inspections to anyone.

April 2019

Debbie Grimes
Jeff was amazing and overly helpful. Very through and knowledgeable. Definitely the guy to call.

June 2019

Bill Killian
We were impressed on the inspection you did for the buyers of our home we are selling, and I just wanted to tell you thank you for the thorough inspection of our new home. I feel comfortable moving in and actually knowing a little about the place. If I know anyone who needs an inspection, I will definitely send them your way. Thanks again!

September 2018

Joe Hernandez
Jeff was the nicest guy that maybe I have ever met!! He was super knowledgeable and helpful. He worked his butt off the entire time he was there to make sure he wasn’t missing anything. He was the only person in my home buying experience that wasn’t in it for the money . He truly wanted to make sure everything was up to parr! I can’t say that about anyone else in the deal lol! I will never use anyone else. Thank you so much Jeff!